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[1280] "Add File" improvement


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In folder tree, when a folder is selected it would be nice to display in right clic menu "Add file" possibility. This would open "Add file" window on selected folder.


Yes, I still can use "Rescan" but in certain cases with hundreds of files (Time Lapse), I would like to select files to be added.


Yes, I still can use "Add file" button but this one open with another selected folder in window. (not so easy to find the right folder in large folder tree.)

Another thing may be would to open "add file" window (from button) with folder openend at this one which is selected in folder tree.


Anyway, there is some improvements to do here for better workflow..



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Rescan works more faster then adding files manually. In the feature list we are already have feature to drag files into tree (folders) with import from explorer or other sources so I think it can be mixed with your improvement.


P.S. I highly recommend to use "Rescan" feature - because it more faster.

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Let's try again.


In a 'Time Lapse' folder, I have 4504 items (4500 pictures and 4 time lapse videos : the result of 4500 assembled pictures)



For a better overview, I'd like to import few pictures like picture 1, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 to give a small idea of time lapse contents.

So, I can't use "Rescan" feature. (I do not want to import all pictures)


when you clic on "Add files" button, it open "Add files" window with a preselected folder in folder tree. (May be the last used folder)

When you have a long and deep folder tree, it's not easy to find again folder you are looking (Ex: 2010-02-25 xxx)


In order to facilitate things I expected one of these 2 things :

1/ To open "Add file" windows directly on selected folder in Catalog Tag window. (2010-02-25 xxx)

Like this no more folder search in this small browsing list.


2/ To have "Add files" when right clic on folder from folder tree.


This will behave same way as 1/. (Open "Add file" window on selected folder in tree.)


By now, the fastest way I have found is :

from selected folder in tree folder :

A/ Right clic and then select "Locate to explorer"

B/ Select wanted images and drag and drop them in thumbnail window

C/ accept choices from import window


Ok, this works but the first time (when you don't know yet how to do it) you expect more directs ways as described in 1/ or 2/



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