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Conection Problem


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The problem described below has been solved. I reinstalled Daminion Server and Daminion on top of the existing installation and then restarted the computer. It works fine now.






I'm getting the following warning message: "The file "xxxxx.jpg" is located in a local folder of the server PC and therefore cannot be opened!"


Everything was working fine with the Daminion server running on my PC at This is the same PC that hosts my catalog. For another purpose, I temporarily changed my machine's ip address to I did not think to stop the Daminion server before doing this. I then changed the ip address back to


Now, when I open my shared catalog in Daminion, it shows it as\NetCatalog. But when I try to do anything that affects the original files, I get the warning message described above.


I restated the Daminon server and have verified that it is running on The Server Security Mode is set to "Daminion Server Security".


Can anyone help? Thx V4.1.0 (1278)



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