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syncing iptc to xmp


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Daminion extracts metadata from IPTC fields during importing and save them to Tags which are database(catalog) records.


To write those tags to XMP you need:

1. To launch the Sync process. Or it can be started automatically after some tag assignment.

2. To choose "Write Metadata to File" option from thumbnail context menu

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Don't worry - any questions are welcome.


It depends from:

1. Daminion will sync all the tags if you choose "Write Metadata to File" option

2. If you, for example, drag an image to a certain keyword - the only keywords will be synced. The same is valid for changes from the Properties panel.


You can use ExifTool (located on ImageProcessor folder) to migrate your IPTC keywords to XMP before importing them to Daminion:


To copy your IPTC:Keywords to XMP:Keywords:

exiftool "-xmp-dc:Subject<iptc:Keywords" dir 


Copy all IPTC tags to XMP:

exiftool "-xmp:all<iptc:all" dir

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