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Old PIII and Daminion 4 conflict


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In need of managing a few hundred video, pdf, image and .doc files for a book project I recently migrated to Daminion as the content manager I have used until now had some flaws.I now run Daminion basic standalone on my 3 computers, with ver. on a PIII XP pro stationary and ver. on two more recent laptop computers.All run smooth and synchronize easily via USB stick by copying back and forth the whole catalog where project files reside together with the projects .dmc file and the hidden ~Thumbs folder.


I will just let you know the PIII 1400MHz (an old server) return the illustrated error if installing standalone Daminion ver. 4.0 or above.


I am satisfies as things are now, but if ticking a checkbox before compiling is what is needed you could try correcting the error, or perhaps just amend system requirements to P4 or above.

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Thank you for reply.This is a very lovely software.As suggested I deleted all folders relevant to Daminion and re-installed ver. 4.1, unfortunately on this PIII again "hanging" when "Creating Default Catalog".

Uninstalling + deleting catalogs before installing ver. 3.7 was again OK.

Installing Daminion 4.1 over this version results in a nice 4.1 interface though not able to open neither 3.7 nor 4.1 .dmc files, instead returning the error message.

Attached is images of install error messages and the logfile created when clicking the 4.1 PicaJetDownloader file.

In the first place I should not have asked this question as I´m OK with things as they are by now.I am sure Daminion will serve me in a fine manner for the time in front.Thank you.




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