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Metadata problem - again


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I desperately need to clean-up my chaotic tagging system. After reading a lot and trying various scenarios I sat down and made a system working quite weel for my needs.


Now the problem is that I cannot get rid of some metadata values assigned previously to my photos in Daminion: label, catalog, and collection.


What I did:

- Manually changed the label color to "none".

- Deleted the redundant names in the left pane.

- Clicked the red cross mark in the right pane, clicked Save.

- Deleted photos from catalog.

- Created a new Daminion catalog from scratch.

- Imported photo files (jpg) that I cleaned in the above procedure.


Unfortunately, all previously removed values were present again. Not good.


ExifTools reveals that the collection names are hidden under "XMP-mwg-coll, CollectionName" field , label color under "XMP-xmp, Label" filed.


And a new discovery - my custom tag value resides in file's "XMP-daminion" field. A short experiment shows that when I define a new custom tag with the same name in a new Daminion catalog, the value written to jpg file will not be read by Daminion. It remains in a field that is difficult to clean without other specialized software.


While it is great that Daminion writes the values maintaining compatibility with other applications, I am seriously afaid that I loosed control of what data and where is written. I don't want my temporary keywords, notes and remarks written in custom tags, etc. to spread over the net. So pls Damionion let us keep total control over all editable metadata fields.


-- M.L.

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Now the problem is that I cannot get rid of some metadata values assigned previously to my photos in Daminion: label, catalog, and collection.



Have spent several more hours doing various magic, all in vain. All removed metadata remained in jpg files. I was about to restore all untagged RAWs from backup and start all processing again. To do this I dragged the Daminion window to another bigger display to make some space for xyplorer and then the unbelievable happened.

Bigger monitor revealed the Synchr button that was hidden from UI because the tags and folder panes were too wide. Of course, syncing was turned off :dash2:


-- M.L.

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It seems that you already archieved your goal by clearing metadata via the Sync button.


Let's sum up how it works:

A Tag in Daminion is a record in its database (catalog). You can sync most of the tags with metadata in files manually (via Item > Actions > Write Tag to File command) or automatically (when the Sync option is enabled).


So after syncing tags with metadata all removed tags (including custom ones) will be removed from file metadata.

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