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No Thumbnail and no Screenview for TIF Images


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Hi to all,

i am testing some workflow with DxO OpticsPro 10 (latest build) and Daminion Standalone (4.0 (1257) Release | July 14, 2015). I am using the Standard edition.


I have imported some TIF Pictures rendered from NEF -> DxO -> TIF 16 bit uncomressed and additional from NEF -> Lightroom 6 -> TIF 16 bit uncomressed. Both TIF Files have no Thumbnail in Daminion and a screen View is not available. The shown Thumbnail is a broken chain.


I am on Windwos 8.1. The TIF Files are present in Explorer and can bei viewed without any problem.


I am new to Daminion. I do not see what i have done wrong, DNG and jpeg Import works well.


I think i need help from the pro..

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I should add the TIF Files are over 200 MB in Size.


To whom it may concern....


I got an online investigation by Murat. He could nail down the problem very fast. As far as i have it understood the Problem was in the jpg preview Size. The preview limitation was always activated, checking or unchecking the Limit activation had no effect. The workaround was to increase the preview Limit to 300 Megapixel until the thumbnails show up.


I am very impressed, that is a very good service. I am very happy choosen that produkt. I like it more and more. Now i am a big step further in getting rid of my adobe software... :-)


Many Thanks


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