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[1263] UI Improvement


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If using Daminion offline (without internet connection) with the Maps windows it will display image with Red/Blue error text.


The background of these is also blue so it very difficult to read with the blue text.



New window not resizable with first open (?). Is it by design?

Reproduce as follow;


1) Open Daminion

2) Window > Reset Window Layout

3) Wait for Daminion to reset.

4) use Window > Preview.


You can't resize it until you drag the "Preview Titlebar" around and it change it windows size to "full". Closing the Preview and opening it again will give you full mode. This is same with other new Window such as Folder, Linking, Recently Assigned Tag, Publish.

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Weird. Guess I wasn't very clear. You forgot to include the utility. So I used an alternative.


The config is default (ie. no setting change except for resize windows to make recording easier).


The first part you can see Google Map can't connect (it display error) but I don't have internet. This error have Blue text on blue background, ie. difficult to read.


The 2nd part I open many different windows and show you it got a "Mini" window, you need to drag the Titlebar of it to make it "Full" window.


You can see video here: webm.host/3d2db/

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