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Scrolling bar in Properties panel


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On several thumbnails, I had to check some datas located in System section at bottom Properties panel.

In screen resolution lower or equal at 1920*1080 (laptop), Properties panel has as vertical sliding bar. (Ok)

when you want to check properties in System section, you have to scoll down Properties panel sliding bar. (Ok, no worries)


Now, what's not very cool here is when you browse thumbnails to check data in System section in Properties panel (bottom), scrolling bar goes to top (General, description, ...)!!


so, on each thumbnail you have to scroll down Properties panel to check your data in System section. Mmmh, that's not very cool and efficient.


what would be nice is to refresh Properties panel when changing thumbnail (ok) AND let Properties panel displayed on last selected thumbnail. (no scrolling up by default)


I'm afraid this behaviour is not possible due to software developement limitation or scrolling bar management ?

I hope not.

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