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Disconnected Access from Daminion Server


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Looking for advice on if/how disconnected access from a central catalog of images / videos can be handled in Daminion Server.


We would like to have a central repository on our Windows Server in the office but would also like access to this repository when offsite with laptops. We were able to handle this quite easily using Google Picasa using a windows feature whereby file shares are available offline.


Is it possible to synchronise catalogs between multiple client pcs?

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Daminion Client requires the permanent connection to Daminion Server.


Daminion Standalone version can work similar to Picasa (because both are for standalone usage) but this works ideal for single user usage scenario only.


What can I suggest you is:

- Import your collection into a shared catalog

- Install Daminion Standalone version on your laptop and create a local catalog there

- Import your collection to the local catalog

- Now you can disconnect your laptop and work with your local catalog without connecting to Daminion Server (assign/edit/remove tags, remove files, etc...).

- After returning to the office connect your laptop and switch the Sync option on so all your changes will be written into the file metadata (note that not all file formats might have metadata)

- Then open the shared catalog and rescan the root folder

- All updated metadata from changed files will be imported


Please take into account that some changes that you did in your shared catalog might be replaced by file metadata when rescanning folders.



* I recommend you to update your Daminion to 4.0 (1254 or higher build) that will be available on this week.

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