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1247 Behavior of expand/collapse tag in "Catalog Tags" panel


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NOTE: This happens since older builds, actually, since I remember... (not specific to this version).


- Assume you have the Event tag shown collapsed in the Catalog Tags panel

- You toggle it to be expanded

- Do something with an Event (select it, delete, add a new one, I think it doesn't have an impact on this)

- You toggle the Event tag back to collapsed

- You select an item in the main panel and edit it's properties to assign a non-existing Event, let's say "New Event" and save changes to the item


After hitting save, Daminion seems to update the Event tag collection and refreshes it on the Catalogs Tag panel so the newly created "New Event" tag is shown on the interface. That is OK.

The problem is that it automatically expands again the Event tag without me asking to do it.


Not sure if it is the expected behavior but imo it gives inconsistency, as Daminion performed an interface action I didn't asked it to do. I've noticed this happens with Event, Author, People and Place tags (not sure if it happens with others).


I personally find it kind of anoying sometimes when working with tags containing a lot of items as I need those tags to be collapsed on the Catalog Tags panel and only use them expanded a couple of times per session. So, when Daminion expands it after a collection refresh, I have to collapse the tags manually.


Hope it helps


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