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I'm not annoyed about this or anything - just curious - but I noticed that if I hover a longer tag (Places, usually), the resultant tooltip is missing the last letter. Like, the tag "Bukit Panjang" shows up on hover as "Bukit Panjan". And it isn't because of the length, because even the longer names show up complete, except for the last letter. Why does it do that?

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I was unable to locate the issue. Did you mean a tooltip on Catalog Tags panel?


Could you please clarify the issue:

- What's your Windows version

- What's your system font size/scale

- Could you please send me a screenshot at support email.


Yes, I did mean on the Catalog Tags panel.


I'm using Windows XP, Service Pack 2; and system font is Tahoma, size 8. I just sent an email with two screenshots.

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