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Problem with sorting of IPTC tags


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Hi, I have just installed Daminion under Windows XP and imported about 12.000 photos. Daminion managed to read the IPTC information correctly including the German special characters.


However, I noticed some problems on the tab with the catalog tags:


1. The timeline is not correct - it starts with the year 2011, followed by 2005 and then 2010, 2006 etc.


2. In "place", the country Germany and the state Rheinland-Pfalz are correctly displayed, with the cities Germersheim and Landau being correctly allocated to the state of Rheinland-Pfalz. However, the software creates a new entry for every city in the state of Baden-Württemberg instead of displaying the correct hierarchy as in Rheinland-Pfalz.


3. It seems that the search function does not work correctly? For example, if I choose city and enter Landau, there are no matches being displayed.


I posted a screenshot here: [www.stephan-kaps.de]


However, it seems that Daminion is exactly what I am looking for...

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I appreciate for your feedback! My answers below:


1. This can be fixed by context menu: right click on the "Creation Datetime" tag and navigate to "Arrange sub-values > Ascending" option.


We discovered that a manual sorting is inconvenient in some cases. And the major drawback here - you need to manually sort the tags values each time when new tags will add into the tree. We decided to remove the manual sorting feature on the coming Daminion versions and auto-sort the tag values.


2. Could you please send me 2 images that were taken on the Baden-Württemberg to support ~at~ daminion ~.~ net.


3. If you select “matches” criterion – you need to enter the tag value with the full hierarchy info.

In your case please type in:


"GermanyRheinland-PfalzLandau in der Pfalz" Instead of the "Landau"


If you wish to just enter "Landau" you need to switch the search criterion to “contains” or “starts with”.


PS. I've also added to our bug-tracking system a bug related to an UI issue with Place tag - thanks!





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Hi, thanks for answering


Regarding question number 1, the order is correct now.


As for number 2, I have just sent you 2 photos.


However, I found some more problems - a similar problem has occurred with a city name, and also here, the order of the entries was not 100 % correct (and choosing "ascending" caused an exception in the software). Also the number of photos in "folder" is wrong, only the first two folders were taken into account and only 74 instead of 15.000 photos was displayed.


However, the search function does not work here (or maybe I do not use it correctly) - no matter what I enter I get no results. I have made a screenshot with my search for Berlin.


You can find them all at:



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1. The problem with duplicate cities was fixed. I'll sent you a new Daminion build today or tomorrow.


2. Regarding the exception: i guess this will be fixed with a new build. But anyway could you please click on the "Details" button on the error dialog window and send me the bug-report.


Please confirm if the bug is fixed once you downloaded a new build.


3. The folder statistic works incorrectly, this is a known bug.


4. I've added a bug related to problems with search by Place to our bug-reporting system. Thanks!

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Please download the minor Daminion 0.8.1 update.


What's new:

- Added moving items to another catalog (by drag and drop or via menu)

- Optimized tag expanding speed for large catalogs

- Improved import speed

- Added IPTC:Headline (2:105) to the Title’s mapping list.

- Added HD Photo support

- Added ignore letter case when adding a new tag

- XMP Metadata will write to PDF if an xmp block is already present in PDF file

- Fixed problem with multiple duplicate city values

- Removed manual tag sorting and moving, now all the tags are sorted alphabetically

- About 30 minor improvements and bug fixes


The issue when the app was not search for Place tag will be fixed in the next program version.

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