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Advise on migrating with custom fields


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I want to migrate to Daminion from another DAM where I have a number of custom fields defined.


One example is a field that I call "group".


It can have a single value and it can only be a value that is pre-defined in a list of permissible values.


This is an important field for me since it allows me to organise my RAW files. This specific custom metadata field is used to identify from which region the image comes (Bordeaux, Catalonia, South Africa etc). I have other custom fields that have other characteristics.


Since this concerns RAW files the metadata field is not (and cannot be) embedded in the file. It only exists as a field with a value in the DAM database.


I can export from my old DAM a text file with corresponding fields (filename | group | etc...).




1) Can I import such metadata from a text file into Daminion?


If so:

2) Where would you suggest I put that metadata in Daminion?

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Hi Per,


1. I recommend you to create a new custom tag in Daminion with the same name:

Main menu: Catalog > Custom Tags...




If you work with Daminion Server you can lock editing of this tag structure by others via the "Catalog > Local Tag Editing" menu...


All custom tags are mapped into the "XMP:Daminion" scheme. But you can optionally remove this tag when exporting images (Item > Export > Copy to Folder... (F7).


2. If you can export images from your existing DAM into a CSV file with full file path in one column and your custom tag in another column, then you can easily import your images with "Groups" via the "File > Import > from CSV..." menu.


If you'll have any issues/questions with migration process please let us know.

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I can export the path, eg:



It's all on file servers, so hopefully that'll work.


Will test.


This is really important in order to be able to migrate my old archive. I use several "custom" fields to organise it.

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Daminion Server installs the Daminion Server Admin panel and Daminion Server service that can be located in the Services window.


If you see 2 green lamps on the Daminion Server Admin panel's dashboard then all is Ok and Daminion Server was started successfully and you can connect it by Daminion Clients.


Take also look at our Daminion Server Getting Started tutorial:


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