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Error 42703: column m.filename does not exist

Tim Rushby

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I have today updated our Daminion Server to version 3.7.


I did this partly because I'd been meaning to for ages but also because this week everyone in my team (who had tried logging into Daminion) had reported issues, saying that Daminion was popping up an error message about corrupt files and not loading. I though updating Daminion might be a fix for this.


Having updated to version 3.7, I can now log into Daminion from my computer without an error message, that is until I've loaded our database. Now, rather than the photos loading up an error message appears that reads 'Error 42703: column m.filename does not exist'. The search functionality/photo tags load fine - so that suggests the data is still there - but something is clearly not right.


Another issue is that with just me logged onto Daminion - others are now being told that 'the maximum number of users has been reached' when I know we have a multiple user license and the update .exe I downloaded and ran was the server version.


Can anyone help?

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Hi Tim,


Can you please tell your PostgreSQL version? You can see it by launching the Windows Services window, and then locating there the PostgreSQL service.


This issue means that your database wasn't upgraded by a new Daminion Server 3.7 (there was some issues in the PostgreSQL 9.0 version that prevented from doing this).


You can give us an remote access to your PC so we could remotelly upgrade both PostgreSQL and Daminion properly.


The issue with 'the maximum number of users has been reached' is because your maintenance was expired. If you'll prolong your maintenance you will be able to use the Daminion Server 3.7 version.


For payment questions you can contact us to sales/at/daminion/dot/net.

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