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New feature: Approved Tags


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One of the tasks that Daminion solves is creating a good taxonomy, or tag structure, or controlled vocabulary or whatever you call it.


In one of the latest Daminion Server versions we added a feature that allows you to lock your Tag Structure from editing by other users (except Administrators). This protects your tag structure from accidental "screw-ups" by others. Editor users can assign tags to files but can't create new tags, edit or remove them.


However your tag structure can be "messed-up" after importing new images with embedded metadata, especially the ones from photo stocks. Each of them might contain 50-100 keywords per image.


What we plan to do with this

We plan to mark all tags that where imported or added during rescanning folders as Unapproved and draw them by, for example, purple color. Tag that were created manually withing Daminion will be marked as Approved. You can display approved tags only or unapproved ones or their mix. See the below screenshot.


Any feedback are welcome.



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Approved Tags made it into Daminion 4.0 but in a different way i supposed it will be.

Now only those Tags will be shown as "Unapproved" which came up with import.

It would be very nice, if this featre could be configured, so every new added Tag will be tagged as "unapproved" until a "Tag-Approver"-Role will approve.

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