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Backup not available?


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I am using 3.7 (1187) on Windows 7, standalone version of Daminion.


When I select Catalog/Backup I get bounced to an annoying article on your website explaining in laborious detail why someone has the view that you shouldn't back up using a DAM system's backup capability.


And that's it. Or am I missing something? Is it really true that there is no backup capability in Daminion?

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There is no backup capability in Daminion Standalone, because there should be ONE centralized backup solution for all local data, such us music, photo, documents, settings, etc... You need to add your photos and Daminion catalog(s) file(s) into your preferred backup tool.


However there is the comprehensive backup guide explaining how to backup your Daminion Server catalogs - manually or by adding it to your Windows task scheduler.

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