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Move a tag into a tag


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I just imported my pictures into daminion (about 55k). Now i used picasa and the tagging there before, so no hierarchical tags have been created. Now i need to move a lot of tags into another and the current tree is quite big.

So my question is:

Is there a easy way to move a tag "A..." into "Z..." without having to wait to scroll down all the way?

Some like a second tree to drag drop faster or something like right-click "Move tag to..."?




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Sure. You can speed up your tag movement by two ways:

1. Open the Folders panel and click on the Gear icon in its header. Then go to the Show Additional Tag window and select a tag that you want to display. Now you can easily move a tag "Z" from the first tree into the "A" of the second tree.

2. Select a tag "Z", right click and go to the "Cut" menu. Now locate the "A" tag, right click and go to the Paste as Sub-tag menu.

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