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Upgraded to Daminio 3.4 1113, database corrupted?


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I upgraded some weeks ago my Daminion from the last free beta version, to the version 3.4 1113

Whenever i select a keyword, a tag or whatever, it's not showing me the correspondent number of photos.

In example is I want to see all the photo tagged with "Maria" and I see in the left pan, that there should be 899, when I click on the filter, it is eventually showing me only 2. Same things happen with whatever other selection I do, only a minimal part of the objects are displayed.

There is a problem also when I select a folder. Some files are missing, and also if I rescan the folder, it's still the same problem: in example in a folder that should have 459 items, it's showing only 243, on another folder it's showing only 1 out of 2547. Apparently there are no filter selected.

This is happening only with the old folders, apparently not with the newly added.

What's the problem? There were any changes in the database structure that my justify this issue?


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It works with the latest Daminion 3.7 version. As you can see Daminion continuosly upgrades your catalog to the latest version. There are 18 *backup023.dm~ files in your catalog folder you can remove all of them except the DatabaseDaminion_backup021.dm~. The last one is the original catalog backup (you can leave it just in case).

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