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How to import tags only from CSV file?


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If I select "File->Import->CSV File", Daminion imports tags from the CSV file, but it also imports tags from images metadata.


The problem is, there is always a mess between my current tags from CSV file and old tags from images.


Is it possible to import tags only from CSV file and ignore images metadata?

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Currently no, because Daminion follows the concept of syncing the database data with metadata in digital assets.

We also plan to put all newly importing metadata from images into a special section or mark them so you can easily filter out unapproved metadata that was imported from files automatically during the import.


If you don't want to import metadata from images you can clear the metadata in your images prior to importing them to the Daminion. You can use the ExifTool command line utility from the Daminion folder. The syntax can be similar to the follow:

exiftool -all= DIR

or exiftool -xmp:all= DIR

or or exiftool -xmp:all= -iptc:all= DIR


where DIR is the directory with your files.

You can also append the override_existing flag into the command line to avoid creating the file backups.

More info here: www.sno.phy.queensu.ca/~phil/exiftool

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