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error with right click to any tag

Antys Cost

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Thank you Antys. Please update to the 1161 build.



Ok, all works.


Now, program do not generate .eps thumbnails (and always i had the same problem with .ai files).

I work in newspaper and, also, we use both files.


See bellow





(My "test drive" to this program is to hard:-) but before tell to my employer to buy the server version, i want work perfect)



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Do you see the EPS and AI thumbnails in the Windows Explorer?



Yes, in the video that i send you, you can see the thumbnails in the windows explorer for .eps.

For .ai, never i can see them (i though that it was somethink mistake of me) and for that reason i conver the .ai to .eps. And now, in the windows explorer generate thumbnails for .eps but i cannot see them in daminion

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Please check the 1162 build.



No, the same.

See the video bellow






And now, the .eps files that had preview in daminion, when delete them from catalog and import them again, they come without preview.


For more help, my system configuration is:

Win7 Pro x64


Ghostscript GPL Release 9.15 x64


All install (and daminion software) in Program files (and not in Program files (x86))



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We forgot to include a new file into the installation of the Daminion 3.7. Please download this fileand unpack into the folder(s):


In your Client PC:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Daminion Software\Daminion\MediaProcessors\ImageProcessor\



In your Server PC:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Daminion Software\Daminion Server\MediaProcessors\ImageProcessor\


Then rebuild the thumbnails or reopen your catalog

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