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How does Daminion handle duplicates?

Weogo Reed

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Hi Folks,


I ran Catalog, Find Duplicates, and deleted several duplicates, leaving one of each image in the Photos folder on the hard drive.

Then I looked in the Photos folder on the hard drive and, for some of the images, ALL instances of the duplicate files were gone.

I was able to recover the images from the Recycle Bin.


It appears that I am not using the Find Duplicates function properly.

Is there something I need to do differently?


Thanks and good health, Weogo

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This might happens for different reasons:

1. If the same (shared) image was imported by different ways, for example as \\mypc\images\1.jpg and as c:\images\1.jpg

2. c:\images folder was import into the Daminion, then moved to a new location as d:\images and imported into the Daminion again. Then the images from the D:\ drive was removed from the Daminion

3. Both duplicate and original images were selected accidentally prior deleting them.


You can check the location of both files, original and its duplicate to get more info.

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