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Daminion and DxO Optics Pro 10


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I'm struggling with the Daminion/DxO tandem.


In short, my workflow:


1. Import raw (DNG) photo files to Daminion.

2. Flag green those I want to process.

3. In Daminion: right click > open with > DxO...

4. In DxO: process, save to disc (the same folder).

5. Back to Daminion: rescan folder to import newly created tiffs.


Ta-daaa: the problem begins:

Now in Daminion I mark the processed DNG file with brown label and in a few seconds the DNG file disappears from DxO list. In order to see it again I have to click another folder, and click my photos folder again. Then I see my lost DNG file for a short while with the name changed to:


This extension is visible in DxO only.


Unfortunately, the "_00_" extension persists despite my efforts and I cannot edit the affected dng file any more.


Daminion options: default "Write tags to sidecar .xmp files" setting.


Any ideas? What's your proven and well-working workflow for Daminion/DxO pair?


Thanks for reading,

-- M.

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The "Write tags to sidecar .xmp files" works for all Camera RAW images except the DNG files. Daminion always writes directly into the DNG files.


I reproduced your issue on my PC. After updating the DNG file in the Daminion I see the filename.DNG in the Windows Explorer, but it is displayed as filename.DNG._00_ in the DxO and unfortunately I don't know what's behind of this logic of the DxO.

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