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High CPU Load and refresh problem


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Daminion server is not able to refresh its status or version (see screenshots) and uses quite a lot CPU load, even nobody is working on it (about 6% Load on a quad-core permanently).


Also the server is very slow when it comes to recognize new folders added to the hardddrive. The refresh interval is set to 10 minutes but it takes a long time till the new pictures are found. Even when i click F6 directly it takes a long time till all pictures are found.



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The delays with refreshing the indicators in the Daminion Server Admin panel were fixed in the 1119 build.


How many active (enabled) shared catalogs do you have.


How many files did you import into your shared catalog(s)?


The performance of the Auto-Rescan Folders is not great now, because it recursively scan each folder every 10 mins (in your case). That is slow, and we plan to add a real time file/folder changes watching monitor in the future.

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