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How to add a tag at the root level


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You can add/remove a Tag to the root level from the predefined list of tags available in the 'Catalog Tags' options. Click on the 'gear' icon to the Properties window.




It's not possible to add the custom tags in the current Daminion version.

But we will add this feature, if we get enough requests.


Please take into account that each Tag group has different metadata mapping rules.

The list of the tags you see on the Categories Pane configured to map to the most widely used metadata fields, and can be recognized by various software products or web-services.


Perhaps Сategories or Keywords might work in your case.


Feel free to ask here any questions!





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Thank you Murat. After used your software for couple of days, i like the ideal. As a personal user, i don't think i will exchange metadata with other software. I really wish Daminion can have the flexibility to manage the user-defined category and tags like


UD - References

Article Name





Search Keyword


In addition to PDF, I wish you can add the support of HTML, Text, doc, xls, chm, djvu etc more document types. This will allow Daminion to target the uses beyond the images and audio/videos.


Great work, wait for your final version.

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I appreciate for your feedback and thanks for the kind words!


Custom tags and extra media formats are already in our feature list.


Once we'll release a stable Daminion version (and Daminion Server) we accelerate the addion of new features.

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