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Image colorus changed by Daminion


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A recent file (actually two them) contained artifacts in Daminion. The original image that I have imported into Daminion can be found here on wetransfer: https://www.wetransfer.com/downloads/1debf547bf228b120b27e804b027f72520141126074751/7d0d37


As you can see, the yellows are really intense (the second image I was talking about had similar yellows). They are, however, shown correctly in IrfanView and Windows. After I import it to Daminion, the colors get a black overlay added as show in the file screenshot.jpg. The same overlay is also exported from Daminion if I try something else other than Export original (as shown in the jpg attached to this post). I think that the black is some sort of an overlay because it's shape changes somewhat between catalogue view, full screen and zoomed in view.


Is this only me or can you replicate? (Daminion 3.4.0 build 1113)


EDIT: Another example of similar distortion of colours. This time other hues as well but similarly intense ones. What might be the cause?




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I'm writing this to bump the topic up a bit. Can anybody replicate this problem?


The screenshot that I have attached shows another example of it. The black between the bird and the instrument is added by Daminion. The original can be found here (will stay up for 6 days): https://www.wetransfer.com/downloads/ef1e6a77aac05e90d5962d6cf57efd9a20141202085323/4b1a1802981bb7ca040ce60f167c919020141202085323/ab358b


I would really like to hear comments from somebody else because I'm getting more and more distrustful of the things Daminion is showing me!


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John Cuppit, an author of the VIPS library that we recently started using to process large TIFF files, released an update of his library with the bug fix. A new version of the VIPS will be added into the upcoming Daminion release.


You can also update it right now:

- Download the VIPS 7.42.2 version

- And unpack it here (for the standalone version):

C:\Program Files (x86)\Daminion Software\Daminion\MediaProcessors\ImageProcessor\VIPS


or here (for the server version):

C:\Program Files (x86)\Daminion Software\Daminion Server\MediaProcessors\ImageProcessor\VIPS

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