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Metadata read/write


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Am doing first trial & look at Daminion. Good first impressions. But an early question: I have saved small amounts of metadata to my trial images but the menu item (Item - Action) to write (I presume to the image file headers) metadata is still greyed out (ie not functional).

Is this feature still to be added or am I missing something?

many thanks. John

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Hi John and Welcome to Daminion!


Although this feature is disabled, Daminion automatically syncs your tags with the file metadata.

Once you assign a Title, Keywords, Copyright, Place or any other (assignable) tags to the images the application will launched a background thread that will sync your tags with the document metadata (XMP, IPTC and EXIF).


This approach helps ensure that your document metadata is always up-to-date (synced) and synchronized between the Daminion catalog (database) and the document itself. And you don't need to care about manual syncing and spend your time for this.


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to share it!

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Thanks for the response, Murat.


I can see now that my saved metadata is automatically written back to an image file (jpg; which I can read with another application). That is great.


But: When I try the same for an unprotected PDF file, the metadata does not appear in the properties when viewed with Acrobat. Again, am I missing something?


Thanks. John

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John, thanks for this remark!


Yes, you are right. We temporarily disabled writing to the PDF metadata.


The PDF format doesn’t support “injecting” the small portion of the metadata inside the file like we do with JPEG files. To change the file metadata we need to resave the whole file. This is a risky operation, because PDF format has a very complex structure and it solely depends from the third party libraries we use to handle the PDF format.


It’s very strange but Adobe (the creator of the PDF standard) is poorly supported the PDF with their XMPToolKit.


I hope we’ll found a proven and reliable solution for this issue very soon.

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