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Sync is stalled


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I am currently running Standalone/Client and Server.


In my Daminion standalone catalog, the sync icon has been indicating "Updating metadata 130 images left" for at least a couple of days now. I have tried shutting down the server. That makes no difference.


I don't recall making any changes to metadata recently that would need to be updated, but that may just be a memory issue.


Is there any way for me to identify what it is trying to update?


Any ideas on what is blocking it?

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I am currently running version in standalone mode.

The Server is running, but I have the standalone catalog open.



Is this version intended only for use with the Alpha version Server? If so, should I uninstall, and then re-install version if I want to work with a standalone catalog?



I have just added 3984 files and applied a tag to them. The Sync indicator is stalled, indicating "Updating Metadata 4114 changes left." This appears to be the 3984 just tagged, plus the 130 still left from the original message above.


How do I get sync restarted?







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