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Export and rename with keywords/tags in new file name


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I need to export images using the keywords/tags in the file names. Is this currently possible? When I edit the file naming code, I don't see an option for keywords or tags under Insert Tag. I see Place, Title, Description, Subject, etc., within the Description menu, but all of those are blank for our images.


I realize this feature may not be so straight-forward due to the very strong possibility that there would be multiple tags, but simply including all of tags would be fine for us. Keywords/Tags are the only way we have our images organized.

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You can use only single value tags in your file naming templates, like title, exposure, etc...


As you know filenames with lengths greater than 255 symbols might led to problems in some configurations and it's very easy to reach this limit by array tags like keywords.


Although we collect votes for this feature.

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