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[1021] - Stuck in full screen view


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First of all, the new version is great!

The synonyms are finally the integral part of the program, it had a plug-in feeling before with that separate window only.

The tag groups is a fine addition, but unfortunatelly they are only 1-level, so we still can't use them for controlled vocabularies where there are groups in lower levels, and there are no tag groups in saved searches neither, where it would be really needed (it can be a long list, similar is tag presets, there could be groups, too).

But I'm really happy we can use the Folder window for other tags, it's really a time saver feature. Too much scrolling taken too much time.


But the error... I started to import images into a newly created catalog, and while importing, I started to look some images in full screen mode. While I was step forward and backward between the images, Daminion is freezed, no forward, no backward, I stuck in the full screen mode. I heard the hdd is working so the import process continued but I can't leave the full screen mode, no mouse menu, no Esc button, nothing. I looked in the taskman, Daminion's cpu process was 4-6%, and it used 170k ram.


I waited 10 minutes, but nothing happened. So I killed the process in taskman.

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Well, I went forward-backward a lot for minutes but it didn't stick in the full screen viewer, so I think it's good now, thanks.

(Although it seems a little slower now, as I recall, I didn't saw this many "Loading..." and "Rendering..." texts yesterday, but maybe I just remember wrong.)

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