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Previously we have been able to collect photos in the "tray" and then select all the photos and right click on them and "Export to Folder" We can no longer do this. Right click doesn't work. Also if we go to Item and Export we are only able to export one picture no matter how many are in the tray. if we multi-select in the main window we can right click and export multiple pictures.


We are using the Daminion Server and build 994. I have check to be sure the permissions are correct on the server.

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I can reproduce the issue with 994 build on my PC. Could you please confirm that you export images from the Tray by the context menu in the Tray window, and not via the Export button on the toolbar?


I've recorded and emailed you the brief video with my steps. Could you please record me the same video with your steps?


Please also let me know whether your Daminion Server wasn't launched under the LocalSystem user.

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