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new compared to old - import speed improvements?


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I was very interested in Daminon software when it first came out and have been playing with it on and off till version 1.0 (875), not sure exact number.

Since then I lost interest in it as it was not there yet before limitations were put on a free version. So I dropped testing it and iust continued using Lightroom 4.3 as I already paid for it recently and honestly did not want to spend any more money on another software that did not feel right yet and did not find time.

I like Daminion as it is faster when browsing files and have some nicer keywording options compared to slow lightroom thumbnails preview when moving down the page and limited metadata editing.


One big thing that sort of got me off Daminion was very slow importing of photos and rescanning of folders for new or missing photos which to me made is quite unusable (at the time).


I did a test import and rescan speeds compared to Lightroom with local catalog and local images (107,000 images) and this is what I had...

Started at 8 pm and realized it will be long time so I dropped all work I was going to do and went to bed. Next morning around 8-9am it was done. Tested Lightroom and was able to start using it before Lunch.

Daminion - 12 hours

Lightroom - 2 hours

Rescanning of folders took very long time compared to Lightroom (I can not remember how long).


Question is has this changed drastically in new versions?


I have been going back and forth on purchasing it but was not sure how much it progressed since version 1 and never found some time or energy to play with new ones.

I could and possibly will test new version in the future one day when I find some extra time from work and family but for now I was hoping maybe someone here with experience could give me a quick answer to this question.


Thanks all.

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Thanks for the feedback!


Current Daminion 3.0 imports and rescans files with the same performance rate as 1.0 version. Because we mainly focus in developing the core functionality.


In the latest builds we've optimized performance of queries while working with large databases.


Series of improvements are planned to the 4.5 version according to our roadmap.


This will include optimization of import and rescan speed.

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