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Decentralized server environment


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Yes. You can split it into 3 parts. However I am not sure whether the performance will be increased by having installed the Daminion Server and PostgreSQL on different computers. Because in this case the slow network bandwidth might influence to the speed of communication between app and database. Need to test.


However you can archive good results by moving your PostgreSQL Logs folder to a separate hard drive.


To accomplish this please do the following

1. Stop PostgreSQL

2. Move pg_xlog folder (it located on a folder with PostgreSQL databases) to a new physical Hard Drive.

3. Create a symbolic link from the old to a new pg_xlog place. (How to create symbolic links)

4. Start PostgreSQL.


Exterminador said that after these changes Daminion feels a lot faster! But need to test it on more configurations.

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What about the images?



"folder on the server computer"


And when i try to enter the UNC path



Also getting error when setting the upload folder to an unc path




Maping the share as a networkdrive gives the same errors. Adding the share as a nettwork location does not giv any errors but every picture is "missing og offline"



All my servers are runing 2012


Thomas aka lilfire

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Your Daminion Server service account user might not have permissions to the "\\LILFIRE-FILES\Div\Daminion" folder


Could you please launch your Daminion Server Admin panel and check whether your Daminion Server wasn't launched under LocalSystem account. Or share your screenshot.

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You're absolutely right. Started daminion service as admin user and everything looks good. Upload folder and relink folder for images are working.


But the images is still "offline or missing".


I tried to "locate in explorer"



As you se is the folder available, and the image exists.

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