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Sorting of files


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I have a problem with the sorting of files in daminion.


>> Please have a look at the attached image "Daminion-Sorting.jpg"


You can see a sample folder with images in daminion, that are sorted by "file name". But not all images are sorted. Instead, there seem to be "two groups of sorted images" after each other:

Group 1: First file (006.jpg) until the second file in the second row (Wassergarten Einblick.jpg) are sorted correctly.

But then there starts a "new sort group":

Group 2: Third file in second row (bodin-gartengestaltung-heilsbronn-514-b53cfea3.jpg) until the last file (zengarten3.jpg)



>> Please have a look at the attached image "File-Explorer.jpg"


Here you can see the same folder opened in my regular file explorer, correctly sorted.





I have this problem with several folders in daminion.


I am using Windows 7.



What could be the reason for this strange behavior?



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I have noticed in the past that sorting by Filename is case sensitive in Daminion. I believe that explains your observations as well. I would like to have an option to turn case sensitivity on and off. We do not need or want that, but I can certainly understand that some people might need it.

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Thanks for your answer! I never noticed this before, but you are absolutely right:


There are always first the upper-case filenames, sorted A-Z, followed by the lower-case filenames, sorted a-z.


I never saw such a sort-order before in a media-management software or file manager. There definitely should be a option to turn case sensitivity off! (perhaps even as default setting).

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