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"Open with..." with multiple images


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Ok, i found the problem. I just tried with some other applications and it works. Photoshop, CNX and some others all open all of the selected files.


I noticed the problem with Geosetter and Geosetter still only selects a single file no matter how many I highlighted in Daminion. But when I call Geosetter from VNX Geosetter selects all the images that have been selected in VNX too.


So I tried to find the reason and noticed that Daminion makes a separate application call for every highlighted image:

app image1

app image2

app image3


While VNX makes a single call:

app image1 image2 image3


I did not test if the single call will cause any incompabilities but it would probably good to at least allow this in Daminion too. Alone the ability to use Geosetter from Daminion should be reason enough to but I can imagion that there are other applications as well that behave differently or launch multiple instances if they are called several times.


Maybe a third argument {FileList} would be possible to archive this?

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I guess in this case you can reach the argument line limitation for a large amount of selected files.


I would not consider three files beeing a large amount ;)


So are you saying Daminion concatenates all filenames into one call? Am I the only one having problems using Geosetter from Daminion?

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