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Square vs. Rectangular Thumbnails


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In most cases, a square thumbnail is okay but in other situations where a photo is jam-packed with "taggable" content like a "people rich" photo (lots of people/faces right to the edges of the photo), it might not be okay. In those situations I find that I often miss content that would/should tag simply because a square thumbnail doesn't let it be seen. See screenshots below for examples.


Image 1 - square thumbnail; three women visible.


Image 2 - actual image; four women visible.


If I had solely relied on the thumbnail for tagging, I would have missed the fourth woman. For certain events, like wedding showers, I usually tag everyone in the photo.


So, is there or will there be a way to use thumbnails in a more wide screen format that shows the whole width? This problem is like viewing a 16x9 vs. 4x3 image on a TV.


Thank you.



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