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Cryptic Metadata with Canon JPG (solved)


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I've checked the files you sent me by ExifTool. And it shows the same (weird) lens info


Lens Model : â• k.â•›.

Internal Serial Number : бpНT╙e.


But it also shows the warning:

Warning : [minor] Possibly incorrect maker notes offsets (fix by 220?)


I have no idea what "fix by 220?" phrase means? :mda:


I'll contact to Phil Harvey (ExifTool author) about this error and let you know once receive the answer.


Did you edit the images by third-party tools?

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I usually view them with "PhotoME" which shows no corrupt data but then again those two fields in question (Lens Model & Serial) aint displayed at all ;) The MakerNotes message is shown as well.


Did you edit the images by third-party tools?


Tough question... I'd say no. But then again "ViewNX 2.1 W" is listed as software... All images having ViewNX show this corrupted metadata, all images with unassigned software do not show it. This is for images with the Canon 500D. Images with the 400D are ok no matter if they have ViewNX.


This is really strange. In particular since I could swear that I didn't edit them in any way (they have not been taken by me after all). But right now it seems that ViewNX doesnt play nice with 500D files and is to blame for this and this was probably false alarm. Mea culpa!


Ill try to find out more when I have time but it seems Daminion is innocent about this. However it might be a good idea to check metadata fields for unprintable data?


Is it really a good idea? Should such data be not be imported or should it? Would this slow down the import too much? Is there a better way to deal with it and clean up the now messed up Lensinfo-List? Who knows....

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Yupp - Ive been able to track down the problem.


For some unimaginable reason Nikons VNX is not compatible with Canon files ;)


Its enough to touch some metadata in VNX to break certain fields in the Canon JPEG's. While I cirtainly did not edit the images its absolutely possible that I used color tags or ratings to sort them. Obviously this is enough to cause the problems and this definately is not a Daminion bug!


Still its strange - either Canon or Nikons VNX (or both) dont seem to play by the rules otherwise this shouldnt happen. Or are makernotes fields completely proprietary?

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