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Why no access to download old versions?


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I'm wondering where I can get access to download Old versions of Daminion.

This is a fairly young product with a fair amount of bugs, yet only the latest version is available to download.

There seems to be no changelog/old versions download page.


Is it possible to provide one? Or point me in the right direction.


All previous release candidates and beta builds that have been featured on the Download page, available in one location, perhaps.


Thanks in advance.

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Why not... A change log and previous versions are available here.



Thank you!


I did see the page, but did not realise the posts are ordered chronologically. I was under the impression that the page was not updated.


It would be great if that particular thread was sorted with the latest post shown first. But that's a minor request.

If you could sticky the thread under the Daminion Sub-Category, as well as General- Announcements, this would be great too. Again, a minor request.



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