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Hi there


I installed v 1.5 as a trial on my domain based server. Installed the client on the server and another machine. It all worked fine.


Then I upgraded to v2 and paid and now it doesn't want to import. From the website I see it says that if I try to import and nothing happens that it's probably a permissions problem. I've set the Service to run as the domain administrator so I expect it to work seeing as that is the highest access possible. Still it doesn't work. I've restarted the server but nothing yet.


Please help. I'm busy putting my catalog for my new website together.





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Hi Renier,


Thanks for purchasing Daminion Server!


- Are your files located on a NAS?


- Can you give us an access to your server via TeamViewer?


Not on a NAS. I've got files on the server itself, and then all over the network that we want to import to the server via Daminion.


I can give you teamviewer access.


Do you want to Google Chat or Skype IM?

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Just for the reference: the problem with Importing in Renier's configuration was because of the bug with "Create Categories from Folder Names" option:




Please uncheck this option until the next Daminion build will be available.


Thanks again for the very fast response and sorting it out for me so quickly. I'm looking forward to the next version.

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