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[911] Database errors


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Until last week we were using Daminion Server with PostgreSQL 9.0. This week we upgraded the server and clients to (still PostgreSQL 9.0) but since then we've been getting several database errors:


- Every thumbnail shows this error: PicaJet.Daminion.Common.Error ERROR: 42703: column "dataoffset2" does not exist




- When adding a file: ERROR: 42703: column "useruid" of relation "importsession" does not exist




It seems there are several columns (and even tables) missing in our database that weren't required in version 779. As a test I added the missing columns in table "thumbnailstack" and that fixed the thumbnail preview issue, but I'd prefer not having to go through all the tables manually do find the differences.. ;)

Is there any way we can upgrade our database with all the tables and columns? Is there a specific patch we're missing for this or did something went wrong during the installation of version 911?


Thanks in advance!

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