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911 - Common display date


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Now news or comment about this improvment ?


Regarding attached file, I would add a comment.

When these 2 files are selected, in date field it should be displayed "20 Septembre 2013 17:14", ie the most commum taken date or hour.


This would be much more better than to display nothing when several images are selected.


NB : You can also extend this behaviour in Lat, Long fields. (Display the most common data position.)

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+1. Somehow it should display it's the same day.


I know that we have a calendar at the Catalog Tags Tab but it's not the same thing. We see all the infos about the images at the Properties Tab, so it's like an info bar (maybe there could be a customizable or even templateable info tab without editing feature, just to show the infos at one place), and we loose an important common info, that they are created on the same day, because of the secondary time data.

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