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DB corrupt perheps


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Good Evening,


Have been using Daminion for several weeks, with so far good results, but........


Opened up today to be told it had shut down badly last time, which i was unaware off and would i like to use previous catalogue, answered yes.


Once it had opened, I found about half the photos had no picture just name/tag, tried what I could but cannot seem to regain the photos.


Have re-imported a batch of 113 ok, they have duplicated themselves with photos etc.


It would appear many of the no-shows are stored on external HD, which is fine, not absolutley sure as there are approx 3000 files to check.


Have now installed latest version ie 0.8.6 (build 419) but no difference, any suggestions would be gratefully received.

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Please send me your catalog to support at daminion dot net for evaluating.


Does your catalog file (*.dmc) and imported files were stored on the same drive?


If the catalog and images are located on the same folder then thanks to relative paths your media archive is portable. It's mean then you can copy or move your archive whatever you like and all the links to the files will be accessible withing the Daminion.


If not then sometimes your files will be offline or invisible if a removable drive letter will be changed.


Anyway please send me your catalog and I could advise you more precisely.

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First of all, there are no data has been lost :ok:. All your tags should be presented in the catalog, and thumbnails can be easily regenerated.


The problem is: you don't see some or all of the thumbnails because your removable drive letters were changed, and Daminion still looks for the images using their old paths.


A Question:

Please confirm that you imported the files to the catalog from 3 different removable drives?



The solutions:

1. Create new catalogs for each removable drive on the drive's root folder. In this case thanks to support for relative paths Daminion will always correctly handle the files. If this approach with 3 different catalogs will works for you please let me know so I can suggest you how to migrate your catalog to different removable drives.


In this case you can connect your removable drive to a new computer or laptop and open your catalog on this computer. Or by another words you catalog will be portable.


2. Wait till we release a new build where Daminion will be detect removable drives by Serial (but not a drive letter) and.


3. Restore drive letters using the Computer Management window each time when drive for the letters will be changed:


To invoke: Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management


Then navigate to Storage > Disk Management.


- Select the drive where DCIM folder is located and change it letter to [H:]

- Select the drive where LightroomPhotos folder is located and change it letter to [i:]

- Select the drive where All Photos folder is located and change it letter to [F:]


Then restart Daminion and all the thumbnails should be correctly visible.



Look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Hello Murat,


Thank you for all your help, have tried all.


I think I will wait for the upgrade on drive serial id, rather than letters.


Am in the process of transfering all my photographs to a dedicated 1tb drive with Win7 installed.


Will then install Daminion and catalogue everything, keep all photos on one drive, hope this will solve any further problems.


Would it be possible to transfer a cat.dmc from one drive to another and still keep all keywords etc.


I am really liking the software now, it's just what I have been looking for, keep up the good work.


regards Brian.

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Would it be possible to transfer a cat.dmc from one drive to another and still keep all keywords etc.


Sorry for the delay with answer. Yes, if the files you imported to the catalog and cat.dmc are located on the same drive. In this case cat.dmc stores relative paths to the imported files and the catalog is portable.

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