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Crash while adding colorlabel in full screen


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I experience crashes when adding colour labels. I have selected a set (2400 pictures RAW CR2 format) which I am checking and adding a color label (key 1: Red). When I am in the full screen mode I use the arrow keys to navigate an dadd labels to some of the files. After a while Daminion crashes when I apply the label.


Added information from error dialogue. See attachment.

I noticed Daminion allocated approx. 1.5Gb memory (I have 12Gb in my Win7 Ultimate x64 system, so that shouldn't be a problem)


I am not yet able to 'uniquely' reproduce this, but it happened three times today. Will investigate a bit more ;)




Forgot: version 2.0.0.build 900



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Ok, occured again. At this moment I was scrolling through the catalog. Been busy tagging and labelling. I now have the impression it has something to do with the way Daminion uses the memory. Again Daminion has > 1Gb memory allocated. See attachment. This level looks almost the same as when the other crashes occurred.


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