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888 - Open a Field list through keyboard


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In properties panel you have field list like Color Label and Creation date time but they behave differently depending shortcuts ou have done.


From thumbnail view, and a selected thumbnail, Try this :

- Hint Enter key to display in full view.

- Now open and use Properties panel with Ctrl+D (twice)

- Go to Color Label field. (with Tab or down arrow key)


Now, to open Color Label list, I expected to do this by "Alt+Down arrow" (This is a standard in any Windows application ? ) but you have to use "Enter" key. (Why not)


- Choose Red Label. (Down arrow)

- Save your choice : Ctrl+S

- come back to thumbnail view with Esc key. (ok)


Now, from thumbnail view, I'd like to assign a yellow label (by using keyboard)

- Go to Properties panel with Ctrl+D.

- Go to Color Label field. (with Tab or down arrow key)

- Open Color Label List with enter key (same as you did in full view window)


But enter key open color Label list in Full view window!!

- Select Yellow color. (down arrow)

and now Ctrl+S do not work!!


Well, not easy to use the software through keyboard. (But I'm maybe the only user in this case. :gamer2: )


Anyway, it would be more intuitive and easier to open choice list with "Alt+Down arrow", like this it won't be in conflict with other "Enter" key behavior.

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