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Some feature requests


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1. I imported a lot of old test images yesterday, and I remembered more data, but they were missing. Then I found out that I created a lot of Custom Tags, there are all that data.


So after the 3-4 hours import I spent more 2 hours to create a lot of Custom Tags based on Show All Metadata option. It's really takes too much time to find them this way. And of course I'm sure there are more which I didn't find yet.


It would be much easier if Daminion would create them at import when there are saved Custom Tags in the metadata. Or at least ask the user what to do, or give us a list after import.


2. There could be an option to create global tags (I guess for Keywords that will be the Controlled Vocabulary, at least I hope it will global), which are always there in every Catalog. I'd like to create a tag structure which I can use in every Catalog (espacially when there will be synonyms and I can create the bilingual hierarchy).


I know that I can export and import the tags, but I have to export and import them every time I change something in the structure of one Catalog's tags, it just takes a lof of time unnecessarily.


And of course with Custom Tags, I can't just import them into a new Catalog, I have to create them again first.




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