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Can't Delete CreateDateTime =1 Tag From Tags List


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This is a minor problem, but just because I can’t fix it, it’s annoying. I’m using Daminion 1.0.0(833).


At some point in the past, I must have imported a photo which had a DateCreated = 1. I hadn’t looked at the CreateDateTime tag in this catalog, but when I did, I found that there were a number of years that no longer corresponded to photos in the catalog. So, I used the Delete command to delete the orphan CreateDateTime tags in the left frame for those years. Except that the submenu for the tag for year 1 does not contain the Delete command, and so I am not able to delete the extra and incorrect year 1 from the list of CreateDateTime’s.


I created an empty test catalog and, using Exif, created a photo with DateCreated=1. Then I added the photo to the catalog, and the same thing happened. Any other years with no corresponding photos can be deleted using the Delete command in the right-click submenu for that year, but not if the year = 1.


If I create a new blank catalog and use Add Files to load the folders of photos that are in the above catalog, I see that some of the photos no longer have the right orientation. I don’t know it there are other things that will be lost, too. It seems that I will have to keep the current catalog and fix it, if possible.


So, is there a way I can get rid of the year 1 tag? I've attached a screen grab of the problem menu.


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