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What's special about 'People', 'Place' and 'Event'


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In my 'other' DAM I have top level categories 'People', 'Places', 'Events', 'Interests', 'Holidays' etc.


I can create these same top-level categories in Daminion, but I notice that it includes special Catalog entries for some of these, separate to whatever I would create under Categories.


What is the purpose of these special 'Description' items ? It seems they are not customisable beyond choosing whether or not to show them. Do they operate in any different way to 'Categories' ?




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There are at least 3 reasons why Daminion has so many tags, like People, Places, Categories, Events etc...:


1. Each Tag is mapped into separate metadata fields. You can check it by Item > Actions > Show All Metadata.


2. Different tags allow you to construct more complex queries, for example:

Show me all files where:

People is Mike AND Julie


Place is Canada\1000 Islands OR Canada\Montreal


If we'll have all these tags inside let's say, Categories we'll be limited by one AND or OR operations between all tag values, for example:

Show me all files where

Categories is X AND X AND X, or only using OR: Categories Y OR Y OR Y


3. Different tags have different behaviors. For example: the Place tag has 4 levels, only one Event can be assigned to an image, some tags have 1 level only (Authors), some are read-only (MediaFormat, Camera Lens)

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