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[819] Bug with "Unassigned" category


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Hey. When I change name\path of the folder with all photos on my hard disk via Windows Explorer - I run into the new duplicates issue in current 817 RC2 build.


I run rescan folders for the root folder and have all my photos duplicated in catalog as result.


For example:

I have folder F:\old

And moved it to the F:\media\old


And I have F: root in my Daminion "Folders" section. I hit rescan folders after selecting F: and see all photos from F:\old still exist in catalog categories plus now I have "new" same photos in same categories, but from F:\media\old path.


Is there any way to clean up the catalog from not existing files?


BTW I see all options are disabled and not accessible in rescan folders dialog for some reason: http://i.imgur.com/QpX7TKQ.png


Looks like this fixed in new RC2 build (819).

Please, take a look to the next posts here for more details about another bug.

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I created new catalog, imported all files from f:mediaold, executed Catalog->Optimize... command (BTW when I see ... after command name I expect to see some kind of settingsoptionswizard, etc, but Optimize... just runs optimization right after menu item click) and have some funky bug now:



How this can be? Selected file have category, but it placed in "Не присвоенные" (not sure how it looks in English localisation) at the same time!


More interesting stuff about such files:



You can see there strange duplicated tags in "Supplemental Categories" metadata section.


I tried to call readwrite metadata commands - nothing changes. I tried to move from "Не присвоенные" into appropriate category - nothing changes (since it is already exists in that category).


Unfortunately I can't tell this happened after Optimize command or not.


And now I don't know how to deal with files in "Не присвоенные" at different sub-tags - there are thousands such buggy files total now.

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