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816 Cannot sort by Import Date


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When trying to sort by More Tags -> System -> Import Date it seems to not find any files and it shows the "No items match your search criteria".


I've seen this issue before but I thought probably my catalog didn't get updated correctly at some point. But now I recreated the catalog with build 816 and it also happens.


The error in the postgreSQL logs:


2013-06-07 10:03:51 CEST ERROR: no existe la columna b_a01.id_mediaitem en carácter 339

2013-06-07 10:03:51 CEST SENTENCIA: select distinct m.ID, m.Name, m.MediaFormatUi, m.Deleted, m.HashCode, m.ID_ImportSession, m.ID_File, b_a01.ImportTime, m.ID_User as ID_User, m.ID_SystemFlag as ID_SystemFlag, m.ID_ColorLabel as ID_ColorLabel, m.ID_Rating as ID_Rating, image.ImageOrientation as ImageOrientation from MediaItems m

left join ImportSession b_a01 on m.ID = b_a01.ID_MediaItem

left join image image on m.ID = image.ID_MediaItem where not m.Deleted


m.Id in (select distinct ID_MediaItem from Synchronize)

order by b_a01.ImportTime Desc




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