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Question to font usage


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I am working with Daminion standalone version 1.0.0 build 779.


It is not clear to me, which font is really used by Daminion GUI.


But I have seen that the font changes in case of unicode characters.

In case of the filename of an image, its path and/or a metadata tag contains an unicode character, in the corresponding field the font will change.

- From the beginning till first unicode character the standard font is used.

- The first unicode character and all following characters are displayed using the new assigned font.


On one hand it is a good automatism in order to guarantee that all characters are displayed properly.

But why is the font not changed back in case of trailing ASCII characters?


Is it possible to select the font used by GUI?


Best regards


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This is the behavior of standard .NET framework controls.


Daminion uses the font that is used for icon titles:

On XP this is the Tahoma,

on Vista this is the Segoe UI,

and elsewhere this is the MS Sans Serif.



Could you please drop here a screenshot illustrating the problem.

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Hello Murat,


thanks for your explanations about the used fonts.


What I try to explain is not a problem, it is more a cosmetic defect.


I imported a *.jpg image into my test-catalog. The path and also the filename itself contained chinese characters in the mid of the string.

Filename and path are displayed in "Catalog tags -> Folders" and also in the middle part of GUI in the listview.

Here before and after the chinese character an identical font is used. See screenshot 1.


But filename and path are also displayed in "Properties ->General". Here before and after the chinese character different fonts are used. Please see screenshot 2.


In addition different fonts - before and after a unicode character - are also used e.g. for "Properties -> Description -> Description". Here I have no screenshot.


Best regards




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