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Question to field 'description - comment'


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I am working with Daminion standalone version 1.0.0 build 779 and I have a question to the field comment in description properties.


I have an *.jpg image with non empty field Exif:UserComment.

After importing this image the content of this field in not displayed in Daminion.


When I modify the properties field description -> comment and write all tags back into the image I do not see the new comment value inside the file.

But the tag Exif:UserComment has been deleted by Daminion.


From a Daminion document called "metadata-mapping-rules" it get the impression that Exif:UserComment will be supported and it will be displayed under descriptions.


Is the comment value only stored inside Daminion catalog file?

An why is Exif:UserComment deleted by Daminion?


Maybe I do not have the latest version of the "metadata-mapping-rules" document (it does not have any version), so please tell me where to get this latest version.


Thanks in advance and

Best regards


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In the early Daminion versions the EXIF:Comment field was the reason of some problems with handling metadata in images. So we temporarily disabled it. But the problem has been solved now and mapping to the EXIF:Comment field can be restored in the RC2 version.

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